Frank Gross lives in Toronto, Canada. Originally from South Africa, his career path includes having worked in film as a director, and as a studio photographer.  Collaborating with talented colleagues, he produced award winning work on a number of print and film projects. 

Frank now focuses on personal projects, informed by all of life’s experiences and influences – the books, the movies, the artists, the places, the people.

Making the images is an engagement with the world and a seeing of the self.  
A desire to create something beautiful in portraiture, still life, landscape, street and conceptual photography and to move freely and comfortably between the genres, following the principle that life is not separated or confined to categories. A belief that if he photographs the things that catch his eye and touch his heart, whatever they may be, he will in some way touch the hearts of those who view his work. 

...I find my fascination in transforming reality into a subjective point of view. ... I want to come to the moment when, through pure concentration of seeing, the composed picture becomes more made than taken. Without a descriptive caption to justify its existence, it will speak for itself–less descriptive, more creative; less informative, more suggestive; less prose, more poetry.” - Ernst Haas